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BPA CRM is built on the powerful BPA extended relationship management platform (xRM).

The BPA xRM platform complements the robust SharePoint framework with powerful features driving business efficiency and improving the user experience.

With the BPA xRM platform, you can further extend your CRM solution to track any process or relationship – like invoice mgmt., asset mgmt., product mgmt., meeting mgmt. or relations with shareholders, partners, citizen, etc.

You can quickly configure your CRM to meet your business needs with no development.


The BPA xRM platform includes 30+ enterprise components and features that can be configured in the BPA CRM solution.

With the BPA xRM platform, companies can better serve the business needs for solutions and IT’s need for control.

You can also create brand new solutions by assembling SharePoint functionality and BPA components to meet any business need.

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BPA CRM is much more than a CRM, It’s a great solution platform! With the server licenses we purchased we were able to not only rapidly configure BPA CRM as we wanted but also to create and configure other business solutions such as project management, service and spare parts management, recruiting management, training management, budgeting and controlling, contract management and ticketing helpdesk all that with a tight integration to our SAP environment.