The Most Complete Reporting Suite

Over 15 types of interactive charts are available to be displayed on any CRM page. Informative charts such as various gauges, funnel, radar and bar charts quickly communicate the information you need.

Using the powerful Sales Systems, sales people and sales managers will have access to your key metrics about their sales funnel to focus on important activities related to closing business.

The scorecard module brings your KPIs into one single enterprise dashboard.

Colored flags inform you about opportunity health, overdue tasks or any other relevant metrics.

Easily export any list to a spreadsheet and build pivot charts on the fly.

In addition, the SharePoint platform offers many Business Intelligence tools that can be used for reporting on data stored in your CRM. Tools such as SQL Server Reporting Services can deliver sophisticated point-in-time reports on a scheduled basis in any format such as PDF.

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We looked at different programs, but decided to use BPA CRM because of the flexibility the system gives us in creating different views and lists, as well as user-friendly solutions to import and export data.