Native Integration with Microsoft Office

BPA CRM offers a native integration with Microsoft Office tools drastically improving productivity.

BPA Office Connector

The BPA Office Connector lets you copy Outlook items or office documents into your CRM.

2-ways synchronization (coming soon) will make it possible to have all your CRM data in Outlook, even when offline.

Data Synchronization

Any SharePoint list such as tasks, calendars and contacts can be synchronized with Microsoft Outlook. Users can instantly export any list data to a spreadsheet and build powerful pivot charts.

Document Management

BPA CRM offers native Microsoft Office document management capabilities including collaborative document preparation, document approval, version history and much more.

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Fera looked for a Customer Relationship Management tool that was intuitive to use and would work ‘out of the box’ with minimum customisation. Users from across the organisation were involved in developing the list of requirements and also in the evaluation of potential solutions. The selected system was the BPA CRM solution. Internal users found the basic interface to be intuitive to use and liked its integration with MS Outlook.