Bring your outside communities closer with our Helpdesk Solution

With BPA’s Helpdesk Solution, you can share processes with your external communities in a completely safe and secure environment.
BPA Helpdesk is an out-of-the-box solution to be used independently or together with BPA CRM.

Registered users can access the secure helpdesk solution and post requests, get answers, update their account or contact details, access FAQs or online documentation about your products.

The Helpdesk solution can be installed on a separate server configured for secure external access. BPA and its certified Partners can help you implement your solution based on the way you work.

The Helpdesk solution is included at no additional cost with the BPA CRM Enterprise edition (server license only.) An unlimited number of users can access your Helpdesk solution.

BPA Helpdesk Features:

  • Account and contact management
  • Registration management
  • Permission management
  • Request and reply management (Support/Help Desk)
  • Document management
  • FAQ management

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