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City of Lausanne – Switzerland

The solution is easy-to-use and all the key steps of the Mail Management Service are now performed quicker and more efficiently. The objective to achieving 96% of mail responses in time is now reached systematically and the client’s satisfaction has been improved substantially

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SCA Packaging (B)

We know we could start with a limited scope and then make the tool evolve because BPA CRM (renamed Fast Track) is very easy to adapt to our processes by our internal staff and with little or no development.

We have been live with our Fast Track solution for about 6 months now in one of our locations and the feedback we get from the users, and all the persons we demoed the solution to, is that it is a great tool that has started to be deployed to other SCA Packaging locations. We have now around 700 actions tracked in the system.

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AGIP/ENI Switzerland (CH)

Agip (Suisse) SA qualified different CRM Solutions and chose BPA CRM because of its flexibility, integration capabilities to existing external systems and its lower cost. BPA CRM was very quickly customized to our needs including the integration with external systems.

BPA CRM allowed us to quickly deploy a customized CRM solution used by our employees in the daily business. We were able to have a CRM application up and running in a few days. With BPA CRM we maximized our SharePoint investment beyond our expectations.

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FERA looked for a Customer Relationship Management tool that was intuitive to use and would work ‘out of the box’ with minimum customization. Users from across the organization were involved in developing the list of requirements and also in the evaluation of potential solutions.
The selected system was the BPA CRM solution. Internal users found the basic interface to be intuitive to use and liked its integration with MS Outlook. Designed in SQL and with an API interface capability, it also had the potential to interface with FERA’s other existing/future electronic business systems.

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Era Helicopters (USA)

We looked at different programs, but decided to use BPA CRM because of the flexibility the system gives us in creating different views and lists, as well as user-friendly solutions to import and export data. We especially like the automated email alerts that keep everybody in the loop.

It only took 4 weeks to customize the system, after a couple of hours of training our sales team was good to go and started using the system immediately..

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Falfurrias Capital Partners (USA)

After 2.5 hours of training via gotomeeting.com, we were able extend the system to meet our specific needs. We did not have to purchase additional hardware or hire an Administrator for the system.

When we showed the solution to one of our portfolio companies, they immediately ‘got it’ and saw how BPA CRM could improve communications between employees, franchisees, and retail stores

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Synesis International (USA)

Synesis evaluated several different CRM Solutions and chose BPA CRM because of its flexibility and its SharePoint infrastructure. This allowed us to quickly configure a solution to meet our needs without custom programming.

We have used several CRM solutions in the past. BPA CRM is the most flexible, easy to use CRM solution we have seen. It was also very easy to import our existing data. We were able to move several years of information from Microsoft Dynamics CRM in less than a week.

Synesis International (USA)PDF fileDownload Synesis Case Study