Pricing SharePoint CRM

Priced for Every Budget

Save up to 90% on license costs compared to other CRM solutions. Leverage your existing SharePoint investment and get the fastest return on your investment.

The Most Integrated CRM

BPA CRM is built to run on both Microsoft SharePoint Foundation and Server. Native integration with Microsoft Office ensures the highest productivity.

The Most Integrated CRM

Users Love BPA

Users Love BPA

We designed BPA CRM to have a simple, configurable yet powerful user interface that enables users to work they want to work.

Powered by the xRM Platform

Our CRM is powered by a single installable platform called xRM that has 30+ enterprise components making it the most powerful SharePoint solution in the marketplace. So much more than just a site template.

Powered by the xRM Platform

Flexible Deployment SharePoint

Flexible Deployment

Deploy BPA on premise with either user or server based licensing. Or use BPA in private clouds or with Office 365.
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BPA puts you in Control

Quickly configure BPA to fit your processes so you can work the way you want to work. Certified BPA Partners will ensure your project’s success.

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Tailored to Fit Your Business

Tailored to Fit Your Business

Each BPA solution can be configured to match any business process. Supporting 800+ customers worldwide in 15+ languages, BPA and certified partners are ready to help with any task.

The Solution you can grow with!

The solution is flexible enough to continuously adapt to your processes over time. Save and deploy configured CRM instances for new locations. Further extend the solution by installing third party tools from the SharePoint community.

The Solution you can grow with

SharePoint CRM is the Right Technology

SharePoint is the Right Technology

BPA CRM simply works better because it runs on SharePoint. SharePoint is everywhere and brings a feature-rich and robust platform to support your CRM implementation.

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We chose BPA CRM because of its flexibility, integration capabilities to existing external systems and its lower cost.